What Solar Energy Can Do for Your Home or Business

More than 30% of the energy production in the U.S. comes from power plants that run on natural gas, with coal coming in at a close second. However, renewable energy – solar power, hydro power, and wind power – it’s growing in the U.S., and currently comprises 18% of the nationwide energy production.

By comparison, renewable energy in Pennsylvania accounted for just 4% of net energy generation. This is predominantly generated by wind, hydro, and biomass across the Commonwealth.  Solar power accounts for significantly less than one percent of Pennsylvania’s net electricity generation. Through Solarize Lehigh Valley, regional homeowners and businesses in the Lehigh Valley can be a part of the renewable energy market and make Pennsylvania more sustainable.

Solarize Lehigh Valley makes solar installation affordable

Sustainable Energy Fund is working to raise awareness of sustainable energy sources and to overcome the financial and educational barriers that prevent many from utilizing them. The fund’s newest regional program, Solarize Lehigh Valley, offered for a limited time only, aims to reduce the cost of solar installation and increase the knowledge about solar energy. The program’s goal is to increase the amount of solar energy generated in the greater Lehigh Valley.

Through a partnership with Evoke Solar, a local solar design and installation company, Solarize Lehigh Valley offers residents and small businesses solar power below the market rate which equates to savings of approximately 30 cents per watt. This could mean a savings of more than $3,500 for the average 12.5 kW system.

Put money back into your pocket and save big on electric bills

There’s no question that going solar will result in electric bill savings and/or lower utility bills (the amount of money saved depends on the location and size of the system installed). It is predicted that the average size of a system installed through the Solarize Lehigh Valley campaign will be 12kW and according to Evoke Solar, the payback period for a system of this size in Pennsylvania will be between 7 and 10 years. This is a short window compared to the years that most people own their home and pay an electric bill. A $250/month electric bill accumulates to $60,000 over twenty years which is significantly more than the cost of solar installation.

Currently there is a 30% federal tax credit available for new solar installations. This tax credit is set to reduce to 26% in 2020.  Solar power has never made more sense financially because of the federal tax credit, the discount offered through the Solarize Lehigh Valley campaign, and the financing available. Sustainable Energy Fund provides commercial financing while Evoke Solar can go over financing options available to homeowners. 

Solarize Lehigh Valley’s goal is to save money for Lehigh Valley homeowners and businesses, remove the barriers that prevent you from going solar, and help build the renewable energy portfolio in Pennsylvania. 

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