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We understand that every organization is unique. That is why we offer a variety of financing options and services, each with distinct benefits that will allow your organization to finance your project in a way that works for you. Our finance and technical staff will work with you to help you realize energy savings and increase your bottom line.

ACP Renewable Energy Revolving Loan FundLearn More
ACP Renewable Energy Revolving Loan Fund

Why the ACP Loan?

For a limited time, Sustainable Energy Fund is offering loans at an interest rate of 1% for renewable energy projects. SEF is able to provide loans at this rate thanks to Alternative Energy Compliance Payments from electric generation supplier defaults. This offer is for a limited time only and is for loans up to $100,000. Financing through this revolving loan fund is limited and funds will be disbursed on a first come first serve basis.

C-PACELearn More


Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) is an innovative financial tool for property owners to obtain low-cost, long-term financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation projects. C-PACE can provide up to 100% financing of total project costs by placing a special voluntary assessment on the property that repays the costs of the upgrades including equipment, labor and soft costs.

Company InvestmentsLearn More
Company Investments

Why Do We Invest?

As a nonprofit, we recognize that we don’t have the capacity to make the large amount of change that we want to see. This is why we believe in investing in other companies that share our vision of a sustainable energy future. We invest in companies by providing lines of credit, doing equity investments, and more.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy LoansLearn More
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Loans

Why Choose an Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Loan?

Sustainable energy projects benefit every member of the community, but are often too costly for businesses, non-profits, and other entities to finance independently. To make these projects possible, Sustainable Energy Fund offers a creative approach to loan structuring and commitment to sustainability help the maximum number of borrowers receive the funds required to achieve greater energy efficiency. Additional benefits of this program include 100% financing, competitive interest rates, no prepayment penalty, and a social impact for nonprofits.

Renewable Fuel OilLearn More
Renewable Fuel Oil

Why RFO?

RFO offers a sustainable solution to significantly reduce an institutions’ carbon footprint by utilizing virtually carbon-neutral renewable sources. Appreciable payback periods and financial incentives both in place and on the horizon offer strong economic considerations, and locally sourced feedstocks provide added economic benefits to various industries across the region. Learn more about why specifically RFO is beneficial for universities by clicking the link.

Stipulated Energy Savings AgreementLearn More
Stipulated Energy Savings Agreement

Why Choose a Stipulated Energy Savings Agreement?

Stipulated Energy Savings Agreements are an innovative approach to financing energy projects for commercial entities in which future energy savings pay for the energy upgrades. These savings agreements are structured so that your energy consumption after installation is less than the energy consumption prior to installation. Depending on the energy systems replaced, the project could be cash flow positive from the beginning.