Sustainable Energy Fund featured in CNN article recently featured Sustainable Energy Fund in an article entitled- How office buildings are reducing their carbon footprint.

The article reviews various ways buildings all over the U.S. are using new design techniques and materials to create a net zero energy footprint. Along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation campus and The Bullitt Center in Seattle, CNN mentions SEF’s net zero energy office building, which is currently being planned in Schnecksville, PA: 

A similar real-world demonstration is under way for the new office of the Sustainable Energy Fund in Pennsylvania. When complete, the aim is for the total amount of energy used by the building annually to be about equal to the renewable energy created on-site.

“The goal of that project is to test the feasibility of doing a net zero energy office building at the typical construction rate,” said Andrew Schuster, a principal at Ashley McGraw Architects, the firm behind the project. “It’s 15,000 square feet, but we’re hoping that can scale to a much larger footprint.”

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