Pleasant Valley Manor

Pleasant Valley Manor reached out to SEF with the need to reduce their energy consumption and the related costs. SEF partnered with Reynold’s Solutions to evaluate their energy use and recommend energy efficiency upgrades.

Pleasant Valley Manor, a nursing home located in Stroudsburg, PA, reached out to Sustainable Energy Fund with the need to reduce their energy consumption and the related costs. Sustainable Energy Fund partnered with Reynold’s Solutions (Reynolds) to have a Level III audit conducted to ascertain the condition of the Manor’s facilities and identify areas of high risk for energy inefficiencies within the building.  The risks included aging HVAC units and chillers that were currently operating beyond their life expectancy.  Beyond addressing these risks, Reynolds made a comprehensive list of recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades:

  • Installation of LED lights
  • Converting of the kitchen hood to a Variable Air Volume (VAV) hood that varies energy flow at a constant temperature and lowers energy consumption compared to a Constant Air Volume system that supplies a constant airflow)
  • Upgrading the two chillers to a single air-cooled chiller
  • Upgrading the steam traps
  • Upgrading the temperature controls unit with a Direct Digital Control (DDC) system to better regulate and circulate air
  • Adding variable speed pumping to the chilled water pumps to better match the building’s needs
  • Upgrading the boiler plant to use propane

Upon completion of the Level III audit, Sustainable Energy Fund entered into a Nonprofit Energy Savings Agreement (NESA) with Pleasant Valley Manor and Reynolds Energy. A NESA is a financial instrument that allows Sustainable Energy Fund to supply the upfront capital necessary for energy efficiency projects and for the beneficiary to make repayments using a portion of the energy savings that result from the project.  The total project cost $979,533 which will be paid back using the savings over a period of 15 years. Reynolds estimated that once all upgrades were complete, the project would save 389,189 kWh of electricity and 6,093 gals of fuel oil annually.  Reynolds guaranteed an annual cost savings of $61,903 which included the operations and maintenance savings resulting from the new equipment.  Additionally, thanks to increased occupant comfort from the DDC system and increased visibility from the LED lighting, the nursing home now has an environment that is safer and more comfortable for residents and staff alike.

Projected Financing Metrics

TermProjected Monthly SavingsMonthly PaymentEstimated Monthly Cash Flow
15 years$5,158.58$4,920.00$238.58

Project Financing Summary

Project Cost$979,533
Projected Annual Savings$222,841
Projected Greenhouse Gas Reduction1,437 Metric Tons