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SEF’s loan program has competitive interest rates. However, SEF now has loans at an interest rate of 1% for renewable energy projects. Sustainable Energy Fund is able to provide loans at this rate thanks to Alternative Energy Compliance Payments from electric generation supplier defaults. This offer is for a limited time only and is for loans up to $100,000.

Financing through this revolving loan fund is limited and funds will be disbursed on a first come first serve basis, so call 610-264-4440 to see if your project is eligible today or click the button below to apply for financing. To apply, please use the loan application form below.

Benefits of this Loan

No Application Fee No Application Fee
10 year terms 10 year terms
Low 1% Interest Rate Low 1% Interest Rate
Financing up to $100,000 Financing up to $100,000

ACP Loan Criteria and Requirements

Sustainable Energy Fund’s loan application process ensures that our in-demand resources are allocated to the organizations that need them most and to projects that align with our mission. In order to qualify for this loan, your project must generate renewable energy and be registered with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Alternative Energy Credit Program.

Municipalities, nonprofits, and small businesses are eligible. It should be noted that the following borrowers are not eligible for financing*:

  • Tobacco and vaping products
  • Marijuana
  • Alcohol
  • Fossil fuels

*Depending on the project and business, we may be able to accommodate. Please contact 610-264-4440 for more information.

Expedited Underwriting Requests

Since the ACP loan is for project costs up to $100,000, you may qualify for expedited underwriting. Loans that meet the qualifications for expedited underwriting need only submit a completed loan application for review. The application fee is waived. Please note that these requests can only be fulfilled for borrowers who submit a completed loan application and meet additional criteria.

Loan Approval Timelines

Sustainable Energy Fund seeks to approve loans for underwriting as efficiently as possible, so you’ll be able to start your sustainable energy project sooner rather than later. Since our ACP loans are up to $100,000 per project, you can expect a credit decision within a single business day after we receive your application. If you are looking to finance more than $100,000 for your project, contact us to learn more about additional financing options.

Downloand Your Loan Application Today

Whatever your sustainable energy project, Sustainable Energy Fund is here to help. Jumpstart your energy project today by applying for one of our financing options. Download the loan application now to get started or use the loan calculator below for an estimate on monthly payments.