Nonprofit Energy Makeover Kickoff Event – Lehigh County Humane Society

By Sustainable Energy Fund
The Event

On Saturday, January 20, 2018, the Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF) held their second Non-Profit Energy Makeover Event at the Lehigh County Humane Society in Allentown, PA. The LCHS was 1 of 2 winners of 2017’s Nonprofit Energy Makeover Contest, which upgrades nonprofit buildings to be more energy efficient at no cost to the organization.

The LCHS, which provides shelter and adoption for homeless animals, was chosen for the inefficiencies identified in their building and the mission they perform in their community. The funds saved through dramatic, reduced energy costs will be directed to furthering the LCHS mission.

Contractors, volunteers, and staff members from SEF and the Lehigh County Humane Society were in attendance during Saturday’s event. Local union IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers), supplied 15 volunteers to begin the LED lighting upgrades, while Solar States showcased their installation plans for a solar array for the Humane Society’s building. Additional volunteers worked on weatherization-related tasks in the administration building, including insulating pipes, and replacing faucet aerators.

The event also included five speakers who discussed the energy conservation measures (ECMs) planned for the LCHS’s buildings, extended thanks to the sponsors and volunteers participating in the event, and praised the Lehigh County Humane Society for their mission and influence in the community.

The Energy Upgrades

LED Lighting provided Richards Energy of Manhiem and by IBEW

All of the lighting in and around the Lehigh County Humane Society’s shelter and house will be upgraded to LED lights. Richards Energy Group supplied the lights for the project at cost to SEF and IBEW is installinged them.

Solar Array provided by Solar States

Solar States’ plans for the Humane Society includes a solar array on the roof of the shelter. The system will be 10kW and will produce approximately 12,000kWh per year. Solar States is in the process of receiving a permit for the project and will likely complete the installation this Spring.

Water Heating provided by Young Plumbing

Young Plumbing is upgrading the hot water system at the Humane Society with a new 40 gallon natural gas condensing water heater. Young will also disconnect another water heater on site, redirect water lines and upgrade pipes for the new water heater.  

Weatherization Upgrades

  • Spray Foam – Expanding foam used to seal spaces in the basement and on the stairs where cold air enters.
  • Weatherizing Doors – Install 2 door draft stoppers and weatherstripping to block cold air from entering through the basement and basement doors.
  • Pipe Insulation – Install wrap and tubes on the hot and cold water pipes in the basement.
  • Faucet Aerators – Replace current aerators in the shelter with low flow aerators to save water and money.
Humane Society Makeover Event
The Speakers

John Costlow, President/CEO of Sustainable Energy Fund

“[The energy makeover] will help the humane society significantly reduce their energy consumption and thereby allow them to put more of their resources into their mission.” – John Costlow

Robert Thomson, Board Chairman of Sustainable Energy Fund

Ann Saurman, Manager of Trash and Recycling for the City of Allentown

Peter Schweyer, House Representative of the 22nd District for the City of Allentown

John Solt, Board President of the Lehigh County Humane Society