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Employers want to create a safer work environment for their employees as they return to work. According to the CDC, one way to do this is to improve air quality with energy efficient mechanical ventilation systems. That is why Sustainable Energy Fund is now providing 100% upfront financing for the redesign and installation of these systems, including the installation of Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) and Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) systems. These systems increase ventilation and provide fresh air flow throughout your building, which has been shown to help prevent access to airborne illnesses.

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How do ERVs and HRVs Work?

ERVs and HRVs can play a particular role in increasing indoor air quality, including pathogen filtration. Whereas other air purification systems may reduce indoor pathogens, properly designed ventilation systems introduce new, fresh air into a building while exfiltrating existing stale air, ensuring fresh air in constantly circulated through the building. ERVs’ and HRVs’ variable functionality allows for control of this air change rate, with the ability to increase this rate as occupancy increases. The team at SEF trusts these systems so much, we have an ERV system installed for every space at our brand-new, state of the art Net Zero building!

To read more about how these systems work and why their functions are especially important during COVID-19, click below.

Financing Options

These systems are a worthwhile investment, especially with the current pandemic. That is why SEF believes it is important to provide options that will help you finance these projects. Our Commercial Loan program allows you to finance 100% of your project with a competitive interest rate. Unlike a traditional lender, SEF can be very creative in structuring loan financing solutions to meet your unique requirements. SEF is committed to working with you and allow you to finance your project in a way that works for you.

You can take a major step towards creating a safer environment for your employees and customers. Contact us at 610-264-4440 or email us at [email protected] today to learn more about this program, or click below to apply for funding.