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Renewable Fuel Oil – Ensyn Presentation

As institutions continue to strive to reduce their carbon footprint, facility heating demands have been a significant obstacle towards achieving desired reductions. Renewable fuel oil (RFO), a renewably sourced alternative to traditional fuel oil, holds the potential to address these emissions by utilizing regionally-sourced waste wood products to provide carbon-neutral solutions for central heating plants. With appreciable payback periods and financial incentives both in place and on the horizon, institutions and other large facilities have been able to utilize renewable fuel oil to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and improve their bottom line.

Please consider joining us to learn more about renewable fuel oil and discuss how PA colleges and universities can make significant strides in reducing their heating load carbon footprint by switching to renewable fuel sources. This will be the second meeting of Pennsylvania Colleges and Universities. During the session, a potential supplier, Ensyn, will discuss the process of creating RFO and the technical requirements to store and utilize RFO.

Campus Facility Operators and sustainability professionals are invited to attend. These sessions are being facilitated by the Sustainable Energy Fund.

Registration for this event has closed.