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Renewable Fuel Oil: An Invaluable Introduction

Hear from Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF), Ensyn, and the Pennsylvania Environmental Resource Consortium (PERC) about a revolutionary opportunity taking shape. Renewable Fuel Oil or RFO is a low carbon heating fuel that can be integrated into existing central plants for large scale space conditioning. Learn how a simple fuel switch could be the key to ensuring PA colleges and universities achieve their ambitious climate goals. RFO can also provide low-carbon process heat for industry. In addition to an improved emission profile, RFO technology can be implemented seamlessly into existing steam systems and offer cost competitive operations to fossil fuels.

Join us in person for interactive presentations, exclusive involvement activities, catered lunch, and an optional tour of a Net Zero Energy Building!

This event will be held exclusively at SEF’s Net Zero Building located at 4250 Independence Dr, Schnecksville, Pa 18078. The cost of admission is $25 to attend.