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Responding to COVID-19 with Energy Recovery Ventilation

Responding to COVID-19 with Energy Recovery Ventilation

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has been a long overlooked problem in the North American construction industry. But now the COVID-19 pandemic has put IAQ front and center in public conversation. (If you’ve read the news, it’s possible you could recite how many air changes per hour occur via the ventilation system on a commercial aircraft!) In this presentation we’ll review why the coronavirus is an air quality issue. We’ll consider exactly what’s meant by the word “ventilation” and why it’s such a useful tool in addressing COVID-19 and other indoor air pollutants. Finally we’ll explore the magic of energy recovery ventilation and discuss best practices to optimize the health impact of installed systems.

Presenter: Chris Smith

Chris Smith is Business Development Manager for Zehnder America, a high-performance residential ventilation division of the Swiss-based Zehnder Group. He has spent almost two decades in the residential design/build industry as a designer and licensed construction supervisor. He is an NAHB Certified Green Professional and a Certified Passive House Tradesperson. He has designed custom, balanced ventilation systems for hundreds of projects and has personally installed many of them. Chris’s professional passion is to help improve lives by drawing attention to best practices in ventilation across the North American housing industry.


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