Energy Makeover Winner – New Bethany Ministries

New Bethany Ministries in Bethlehem, PA, is a winner of The Sustainable Energy Fund’s Non-Profit Energy Makeover contest! SEF provided a grant to install LED lighting, mini split heaters, upgrade weatherization and install new air conditioners.

The goal of the Sustainable Energy Fund’s Makeover Contest was to promote energy efficiency and assist non-profits in overcoming educational and financial barriers to implementing a sustainable energy strategy for their organization. The reduced expenses as a result of the upgrades will allow New Bethany Ministries to focus on their core mission, to provide opportunities for a secure future to homeless individuals.  

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A just cause for improvement

  The atmosphere on Saturday, October 14th at New Bethany Ministries was one of excitement and purpose. Volunteers, contractors and members of the community – both skilled and unskilled – dedicated their time to implement the energy efficiency upgrades for the building. This hands-on experience not only served New Bethany, but also provided an educational experience for those who helped.

“For several years we have been talking about the need to reduce energy use and costs.  We also wanted to be sure that our residents and guests are in well-maintained, properly temperature controlled, clean facilities,” said Diane Elliott, Executive Director of New Bethany Ministries.

“We are so excited to receive this grant and be given the opportunity to provide these things to our folks.  We will put the savings we realize into our programs that provide our homeless, poor, hungry and mentally ill guests and residents the best chance of improving their quality of life. Words hardly express what this means to those we serve.”

community volunteers, new bethany ministries

Community volunteers from local organizations gather to help implement New Bethany Ministries energy efficiency upgrades.  

John Costlow, President and CEO of Sustainable Energy Fund said, “We feel honored to be able to give back to an organization which has given so much to the community by serving its poorest residents for decades.” Helping with such an undertaking and the guaranteed benefit to those in need is something that can make any member of our community proud.

Upgraded energy efficiency for reduced costs

 When reviewing the applications for the 40+ entries to the non-profit energy makeover, The Sustainable Energy Fund took a hard look at what improvements could dramatically reduce an organization’s energy footprint. For New Bethany Ministries, SEF identified key areas in interior lighting and weatherization that could be improved:

  • Retrofit the existing lighting system with high-efficiency LED’s to reduce energy usage.
  • Add mini split heaters in areas that require more targeted heat.
  • Replace obsolete air conditioner units and washers and dryers with new, energy efficient models.

 Energy upgrades are measured by their long term benefits rather than the cost of replacement. While it may seem counterintuitive at face value to replace a washer and dryer, when presented with how much power is being wasted by older models, the choice becomes clear.

Every building is different, and a skilled team of energy service providers can best diagnose potential inefficiencies in your building.  

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