Don’t Know How To “Go Green?” – We’ve Got Your Back

Over the last decade, there has been no shortage of information encouraging business owners to “go green”. There is no doubt that renewable and sustainable forms of energy create less stress on the environment and may even help businesses save money on their energy bills. So why haven’t more people made the switch from traditional, fossil-fuel intensive forms of energy to renewables? Many times it comes down to lack of knowledge, lack of funding resources, or lack of guidance.

Lack of knowledge of the benefits of green energy sources

Lack of knowledge about the benefits of green energy is by far the biggest reason companies haven’t made the switch. Some may believe it’s too expensive to go green, or that they don’t need to because their company doesn’t use as much energy as the enormous manufacturing plant on the other side of town.

The truth is, it’s not expensive to switch to renewable forms of energy, and the energy use of every business counts. The mission of The Sustainable Energy Fund is to promote, research, and invest in clean and renewable energy technologies, energy conservation, and energy efficiency. In other words, not only do we teach businesses how to go green, we invest in their energy upgrades.

Lack of funding resources for green energy projects

If you wanted to get funding for an energy upgrade, where is the first place you would think to look for financing? Your banker, of course.

The reality is that businesses can use current budgetary allocations, increased cash flow from utility savings and cash reserves to fund renewable energy projects. Additionally, there are a variety of programs and incentives from local, state and federal governments, utility companies and 3rd party organizations to fund loans, leases, tax credits, and other tools to implement your green energy project. The Sustainable Energy Fund has project experts who will find the appropriate incentive programs for your business.

Lack of guidance on implementing renewable energy

In November 2008, Pennsylvania Act 129 became law, requiring electric distribution companies (EDCs) to cost-effectively reduce electricity consumption and peak demand on their systems. In order to make this requirement a reality, EDC’s have implemented many programs and incentives for ratepayers.

Sustainable Energy Fund will advise you on how to qualify for these programs and incentives, or how to move toward qualification. Our geographical focus is the central eastern region of pennsylvania, and we typically fund a variety of upgrades, such as solar, wind, biomass, building envelope improvements, HVAC, and/or lighting systems.

The basic requirements to receive incentives for your green energy upgrade in Pennsylvania are:
  • Upgrades must reduce your energy consumption
  • Energy must be generated from a renewable source
  • You must replace a dirty fossil fuel with a clean (or cleaner) energy source

  We can help you decide which energy source is the most efficient and applicable to your business.

Sustainable Energy Fund will assist you in:

  • Selecting an appropriate renewable energy system
  • Reviewing technical documentation
  • Confirming production estimates
  • Focusing your resources on your mission, not your energy bill

  If your organization is interested in reducing your energy footprint, please get in contact with us to start exploring your options. We will set you up with a “green” advisor and walk you through every step of the process, from planning to financing to construction.