Brent Alderfer Honored with Epstein Award at Energypath 2019

Sustainable Energy Fund honored Brent Alderfer with the Epstein Lifetime Achievement Award at Energypath 2019 on Thursday, July 25 at DeSales University. The Epstein Award is presented to a deserving individual each year for a lifetime of work in moving society towards a sustainable energy future.

Brent Alderfer is CEO and Founder of Community Energy Inc. Under his leadership, the company led the introduction of wind and solar generation at scale in new markets across the United States. Alderfer is well known for his vision in moving the electric grid toward carbon-free generation. Community Energy has a consistent track record of delivering successful grid-scale renewable energy projects to build out this vision, pioneering the marketing and financing necessary to make projects work for a wide range of private and utility customers.

Prior to Community Energy, Alderfer served as a Commissioner on the Colorado Public Utility Commission and chaired the Energy Resources Committee of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners during the restructuring of electric markets. Early in his career, Alderfer practiced commercial law, representing development stage companies. Alderfer holds an electrical engineering degree from Northeastern University and a law degree from Georgetown University.

“We are thrilled to award Brent Alderfer with the Epstein Award” said John Costlow, president and CEO of Sustainable Energy Fund. “The work he has done throughout his career has greatly impacted the future of sustainable energy and our partnership with Community Energy on various projects has helped us make a larger impact as well.”

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