Save Money On Your Energy Costs

Our energy savings agreement saves non-profits on their energy costs for years to come.

I want to spend less money on energy

Focus your resources on your mission, not your energy bill.

The Nonprofit Energy Savings Agreement (NESA) is a three-party agreement between Sustainable Energy Fund, your organization, and the contractor(s) to provide energy efficient upgrades that result in energy savings.

We will conduct an energy audit to identify areas you could be saving costs and make recommendations for upgrades that will save energy and reduce utility bill expense.

Why Choose an Energy Savings Agreement?

We stand behind our cost savings estimates by guaranteeing the savings. In short, we are so sure about the efficiencies we suggest, that we guarantee they will save you money. You won’t pay a dollar more than your currently paying, you’ll pay less.

What do I do with the savings?

Sustainable Energy Fund will pay the contractor of your choosing to install energy conservation measures you select. The contractor will provide a performance guarantee, so you will receive the savings you expect.

Each year, our staff will verify your savings. Sustainable Energy Fund will receive a portion of your utility savings during the term of the contract. Once the term is completed, all future savings are yours.


  • Focus resources on your mission, not your energy bill
  • Save money on energy costs
  • Savings are guaranteed
  • Entire Process walked through
Yes! I want to spend less money on energy!

SEF Assists You With:

  • Funding your project from utility bill savings
  • Selecting a contractor
  • Confirming savings projections
  • Reviewing technical documentation