Questions and Answers

Are public funds being utilized?
SEF is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and will be funding the project.

Will the project require prevailing wages?
There are no funding requirements at this time that would require prevailing wage.

We are aware of the previous conceptual design work performed in 2015 related to this project. Given Re:Vision Architecture’s authorship of the feasibility study and conceptual design, what is their role in the project outlined in this RFSQ?
Re:Vision provided an architectural and energy feasibility. SEF performed its own economic feasibility study. Re:Vision is eligible to participate in the RFSQ.

What influence will the 2015 feasibility study and conceptual design have on the DBC team selected for this project?
The RFP will include some owner project requirements that were developed in 2015. The winning team is expected to update the OPR and create a design based on the OPR not previously completed work.

Is the DBE team expect to utilize Re:Vision’s conceptual design and feasibility analysis as the basis for design on this project, or is the selected DBC team expected to present design alternatives?
The DB team is expected to create a design that best meets the redefined OPR.

Is Re:Vision excluded from responding to this RFSQ?
No, Re:Vision is eligible to participate in the RFSQ on an equal footing with all other participants.

What is the anticipated contract award date?
An RFP will be issued to the top three participants in the RFSQ. Upon submission of the RFP SEF expects to select a DB Team by years end.

Has the SEF had any preliminary conversations with Whitehall Township?
If so, are there any zoning concerns bidders should be aware of? The property, located in North Whitehall Township, is in an industrial/business park already zoned for light industry and business facilities.