Commercial loans for:

  • Commercial entities
  • Industrial operations
  • Municipal projects
  • Agricultural businesses
  • Non-Profit organizations

We provide financing for renewable energy projects (e.g. biomass, solar, wind, etc.), as well as energy efficiency projects (e.g. building envelope improvements, HVAC, lighting systems, etc.).

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Stipulated Energy Savings Agreement

The Stipulated Energy Savings Agreement (SESA) is a three-party agreement between Sustainable Energy Fund, your organization, and the contractor(s) to provide energy-efficient upgrades that result in energy savings. Our staff will assist you in:

  • Selecting a contractor
  • Reviewing technical documentation
  • Estimating savings projections
  • Funding your project from utility bill savings

How Do I Get Started?

Power Purchase Agreement

Through Sustainable Energy Fund’s Nonprofit Power Purchase Agreement Program, nonprofits can benefit from generating their own clean energy like thousands of American businesses and homeowners.

Our staff will assist you in:

  • Selecting an appropriate renewable energy system
  • Reviewing technical documentation
  • Confirming production estimates
  • Focusing your resources on your mission, not your energy bill

What’s This Agreement?