Energy Camps

energy path 2018 renewable energy conference


Each year Sustainable Energy Fund and the Energypath program sponsors offer over 150 scholarships to secondary educators, professors and college students. Scholarships cover the cost of the conference, exposition, science fair, a pre-conference energy camp and Keynote Dinner. Scholarships for Energypath 2018 are no longer available. 


energy camp

Intro to Sustainable Energy

Intro to Sustainable Energy is the perfect course for those who have little to no experience with sustainable energy technologies. This introductory course answers the question “what is sustainable energy?” by examining basic energy and electricity concepts, energy sources and energy efficiency topics in the classroom.
Topics include:
(a) tax credits and rebates for renewable energies
(b) electricity delivery
(c) energy sources
(d) LEED certification



Wind power is quickly becoming a key renewable resource across the United States. This course will teach participants basic and advanced concepts involved with harvesting wind energy. Participants will also erect a small turbine on campus during the energy camp.
This course will cover:
(a) Wind energy system
(b) Site assessment
(c) Turbine components
(d) Maintaining system


Solar PV

Solar as a renewable energy resource continues to grow in the United States and across the world. This hands-on workshop will provide participants with a detailed look at both the technical and environmental aspects of solar energy. As part of the energy camp, participants will also erect a 3 kW grid tied solar array.
Topics include:
(a) Solar radiation
(b) Site Assessment
(c) PV system components
(d) Economic analysis