School Building Nonprofit Energy Savings Agreement

Sustainable Energy Fund and Econ Opportunities, Inc. partnered together on a Nonprofit Energy Savings Agreement (NESA) to facilitate several energy efficiency upgrades on a school in Allentown, Pennsylvania. A NESA is an agreement between the building owner, contractor(s), and Sustainable Energy Fund.  A NESA allows for organizations like Sustainable Energy Fund to provide the upfront capital for energy projects using an organization’s future energy savings to pay off the initial investment. Following an energy audit, Econ Opportunities recommended many energy conservation measures be implemented to significantly enhance the school’s efficiency.  Recommendations included LED lighting upgrades, installation of an additional high-efficiency boiler, two natural gas-fired ovens for the kitchen, and conversion of the gas water heater.

Richards Energy Group installed LED lighting throughout the building. While the main building retained its existing boilers, H.T. Lyons installed a higher efficiency boiler in a secondary building, reducing the demand from the lower efficiency boilers in the main building. Edward Don & Company installed natural gas fired ovens as well as a heated cabinet that greatly improved efficiencies in food preparation, adding to the efficiencies gained from the natural gas water heater conversion.

One year after installation, the school had saved over 267,000 kWh of electricity compared to baseline data. Anticipated natural gas reductions, however, were not realized. The school was experiencing building comfort issues and utilized more natural gas in 2017 to meet these comfort needs in the school. Based on this change in operation it was impossible to determine the extent to which the energy conservation measures contributed to overall savings.  Regardless, after one year in operation, the gains in efficiency have allowed the school to save $24,300 in electricity costs.



Project Financing Metrics

Term Projected Monthly Savings           Monthly Payment Projected Monthly Cash Flow
10 years/120 months $ 3,283.33 $2,955.00 $328.33
Project Financing Summary
Project Cost $ 265,000.00
Annual Savings $ 24,300.00
Greenhouse Gas Reduction (from reduced electric use) 199 Metric Tons