Transparent solar technology is ‘wave of the future’, renewables may become the Netflix of the energy sector, and air pollution cuts solar energy potential in China

Transparent solar technology represents ‘wave of the future’ See-through solar materials that can be applied to windows represent a massive source of untapped energy and could harvest as much power as bigger, bulkier rooftop solar units, scientists report. Read More   Coalition’s energy plan hurts renewables more than no action – Greens The Greens’ climate […]

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Energy Makeover Winner – New Bethany Ministries

New Bethany Ministries in Bethlehem, PA, is a winner of The Sustainable Energy Fund’s Non-Profit Energy Makeover contest! SEF provided a grant to install LED lighting, mini split heaters, upgrade weatherization and install new air conditioners. The goal of the Sustainable Energy Fund’s Makeover Contest was to promote energy efficiency and assist non-profits in overcoming […]

4 things happening in renewable energy this week

Fully renewable India in 2050 can take a shortcut to emission-free future India can function on a fully renewable electricity system in 2050. The study shows that developing countries that have an abundance of renewable resources do not need to take the path of the western countries Read More   Top Ten Renewable Energy Surprises in […]

The Eclipse Affected More Than Just The Sun

  SOLAR ECLIPSE Did you see it? If you’re like most of us, Last Monday, August 21st you were standing outside wearing those special glasses and aweing at the magnificence of the total solar eclipse. Even though we only got 70% visibility here in PA, it was still an amazing sight. 3 Hours 70% visibility […]